SA Car Window Tinting Laws

35%* Window Tint is the darkest tint that is legal across all States and Territories.

Tinting Laws for all States and Territories


If you are considering DIY tinting your vehicle in the South Australia (SA) you need to be aware of the local requirements. While many of the regulations between states and territories are similar there are differences.

- Don’t risk getting a fine or potentially voiding your insurance by not following the standards by applying an illegal tint.


Legal Maximum Window Tinting Percentage (VLT) for SA*

PolyFilm Window Tintint Laws SA
Legal Maximum Window Tinting Percentage (VLT) for SA*
  Front Side Windows
Rear Side Windows
Rear Window

* This is an overview guide only as of February 2018, for current regulations see each state/territory authority for more specific detail.

Note: If applying a Windshield top strip, the height of the strip must be the smaller of either (a) No more than 10% of windshield height OR (b) top strip must not go below the top arc of wipers. A top strip VLT of 35% would suit most driving conditions, though you can choose to go darker.


VLT is Visible Light Transmission. For tint films it is the amount of light that passes through.


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